LederhosenPerfect Lederhosen from Austria and Bavaria

Lederhosen from Germany and Austria

Lederhosen are the traditional men's clothing in the Austrian and Bavarian Alps, as these shorts or pants are usable for all kinds of activity - from working in the woods, hunting, sitting with a pint of beer at Oktoberfest or joining an even festive occasions in the family. You get them in all sizes - from the first baby size up to the young lederhosen boy to the lederhosen for a real big German daddy.
Lederhosen should never look new, so used lederhosen are just right prepared to be used and used and used.....
You should know: lederhosen are made for the whole life - so they are really expensive when new, and as said - nearly as expensive when "used to perfection". so please do not expect to get a good lederhosen for a very low price! They are hard to come by!