Giesswein ButtonGiesswein the Original Boiled Wool Jacket

Giesswein 'Walkwaren' - as they call it :)

Giesswein is a real Austrian success story:
"Occasional knitting works for private customers became orders several hundred million of Austrian Shillings worth a year." (see website
The two secrets of success: the pioneering work and a deep sense of tradition!

Giesswein knew and still knows how to combine tradition and fashion:
Giesswein fashion unifies the very own Tyrolean style of clothing and current fashion trends. In this way Giesswein has managed to create a style that is not only popular in the whole world, but is of long lasting quality and value. Man people like to get quality wear - and are willing to pay a little more - but have a piece that last a life long.
The most popular items: boiled wool sweaters and coats for women, men and children, plus the knitted indoor slippers, which keep the feet warm during the whole winter!